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However, in that same section, you also get recommendations about other accounts the new collections certain accounts have made, even if you are not following some of these accounts.

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It would be convenient and easily resolve the issue if you give an option in settings that alters notifications to be only based on your OWN account. I have been using this app for a very long time now, for picture's that I can use while editing, and the watermark has been the most disappointing update this app has had.

We heart It does not own the photo's, it only provides a platform for real life people to post photo's and make collections.

We the people who use the app upload these photo's into collections or just to upload them for others, so people can enjoy using them however they please. We should not have to only download 10 images a day because you want to put a watermark on all of the photo's, and we shouldn't have to spend money on a membership for photo's we could just google and find.

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There is no other app like we heart it, and everyone cherishes the app very much, we are grateful for a platform where you can find photo's on and make friends with people who have similar interests. Although we are not grateful for now having to pay for photo's that we have gotten for free since the beginning of the app.

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Once again whi does not own these photo's, they provide a platform for people to upload photo's, and making us pay for a membership just to download photo's tell's all of us that you are just trying to make more of a profit when thousands of people use this app already, please just remove the watermark completely.

Now there are ads everywhere, even multiple ads after just trying to save one photo.

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It Imagini de umor dating site- ul really, VERY annoying especially when every single ad is a scam anyways. We get it, you are trying to get your money, but it is going to make you lose a bunch of users.

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This app has become unusable at this point. It can improve if you just limit the amount of Imagini de umor dating site- ul and stop being so money-hungry. Răspunsul dezvoltatoruluiThank you for your feedback.

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Thank you again for sharing your concerns.