Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso, Texte adoptate - Situația drepturilor omului în regiunea Sahel - Marţi, 22 octombrie

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Burkina Faso is also the second country in Africa to grow biotech cotton and has positioned itself to be more economically profitable regardless of what happens to public policies in other countries. Local scientists worked with Monsanto scientists to incorporate the Bollgard II Bt cotton gene for insect resistance into existing local varieties.

Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso

Growth in cotton yield per acre harvested has been slow in Burkina Faso. Yields averaged pounds per acre per year inpounds per year in și pounds per year in World average yields have increased from about pounds per acre in the early s to pounds per acre over the last four years, în timp ce S. Insect control is a key factor in yield.

Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso

Farmers apply insecticides times per year and yield reductions still average 30 Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso most years and sometimes near 40 la sută. Fewer applications of insecticides are important because insecticides account for about 30 percent of the cost of production.

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Reduced use of pesticides Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso reduces the work load for producers because most spraying is done by walking between the rows of cotton, and there are human health and environmental benefits. The government of Burkina Faso is a co-owner of the two biotech varieties with Monsanto.

Technology fees are based on the increased income of farmers from higher cotton yields and savings in insecticide applications.

Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso

Two-thirds of the total gain will remain with the cotton producers and one-third will be divided between Monsanto and the local seed companies that provide seed.

According to the World Bank, în cotton accounted for 32 percent of the value of exports by Burkina Faso and cotton was second to gold in Agriculture is also seen as a key industry for growth in exports.

Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso

Cotton acreage peaked out at 1. To the extent that the higher yields, less variability in yields and lower production costs improve the economic prospects for cotton production, some of that lost cotton acreage could be regained. Agriculture accounts for about 30 percent of the GDP, with industry at 20 percent and services 50 la sută.

Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso

Agricultural Attaché based in Senegal, has reported that Burkina Faso is the only country in the region with an operational regulatory framework for the production and marketing of biotech crops. Its national research institute spent four years field testing Bt cotton before the National Biosecurity Agency approved two Bt cotton varieties for commercial production.

Several groups of countries are working together to develop biosafety policies and biotechnology applications to avoid duplication of effort.

Benin has adopted the Cartagena protocol and established a biosafety committee, but still has a moratorium on biotech crops.

Ouagadougou The Capital City Burkina faso 2020 (West Africa)

Mali approved the Cartagena Protocol in and its Parliament approved a regulatory system for biotechnology in Chad has not signed the Cartagena Protocol and has no agricultural biotechnology regulations. Recent strength in market prices for cotton may give added incentives to achieve higher cotton yields.

Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso

End of the marketing year worldwide cotton supplies on July 31 are expected to be Carryover supplies for the U. World consumption of Part of the production shortfall includes the French speaking Cercetare Femeie africana Burkina Faso of West Africa where production is estimated to have dropped to almost a year low of 2.

Neighboring countries with an interest in working together can draw on the regulatory, production and seed pricing experiences to develop a framework for their own introduction of biotech cotton. Burkina Faso regulators are now studying Bt cowpeas as the next crop to field test.

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