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Vezi toate? When can I get my tax back? You can claim your tax back after the end of the tax year.

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The Belgian tax year runs from January 1st until December 31st, so you can claim your tax refund any time after that. How much money will I get back?

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The amount of money you get back will depend on a couple of factors, such as: How much you earned in Belgium Whether you earned other money outside of Belgium. How long you worked for How many reclaimable expenses you incurred We will take all your individual factors into consideration to make sure we get you the maximum legal tax refund possible. How long will it take Coco Belgia Dating Site receive my Belgian tax refund? On average, it takes around nine months to get your tax refund — sometimes longer, sometimes shorter; the length of time depends on each individual case.


You can Coco Belgia Dating Site keep an eye on how your refund is progressing in your online account. It seems like my tax refund is taking a long time. You can rest assured that we will contact the tax office on a daily basis in order to speed things up. How does Taxback.

Coco Belgia Dating Site

Simple; you register with us and we do all the hard work. You register by using our FREE online calculator or filling out and sending a tax pack to us You attach all the necessary documents You relax, while we send in your forms, call the tax office, update you on your progress and send you your refund!

How do I know what's happening with my tax return?

Coco Belgia Dating Site

What are the advantages of using taxback. How much will it cost? It will cost you This handling fee enables us to provide you with all the services you love, such as: Live chat Constant phone, fax and email services Tax technicians Tax researchers and a legal team to keep up to date with the latest tax laws and the best way to get your maximum legal tax refund.

For a small fee, we can track them down for you. Just email Belgium taxback. What is a Loonfiche This is the official form you get from your employer at the end of the tax year outlining your total pay and total tax withheld.

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I earned money outside of Coco Belgia Dating Site during the year — do I need to declare it? Yes, the tax office will ask us for this information so you should let us know at the beginning of the process so we can include it on your tax return.

Coco Belgia Dating Site

Can I claim my Belgium tax refund myself? You could, if you felt like wandering the internet for endless hours trying to figure out the tax code and find all the forms you need. Can you guarantee that I'll get the refund amount you estimated for me?

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In the end, the Belgian tax office has the final say about the size of the refund you get. What's the difference between filing my tax return and getting my tax refund? Filing your tax return means filing the document with the tax office that states your earnings, taxes paid, deductable expenses and allowances.

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The tax office reviews this and if you have overpaid taxes, you will be due a tax refund. A tax refund is money that is returned to you due to your overpayment of taxes, or you claiming tax deductable expenses.

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Our estimate of your refund is a prediction of what the tax office may decide to refund you when they review your tax return. It's free to get a Belgian tax refund estimation At taxback.

Coco Belgia Dating Site

If you do, our fee will eventually be deducted from your refund. Afla mai multe Preferi sa vorbesti cu noi?

Belgian Tax refunds for Individuals

Uita-te pe pagina nostra de contact si afla unde se afla cel mai apropiat birou taxback. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent tax refund service. We will get back the maximum Belgian tax refund available.

All you need to do is fill out a Belgian tax pack and then sit back and relax!

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