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Despre acest joc "Babel" is an immersive story-telling and challenging tower defense game, where you need to build industrial defense lines within cities around the world and keep Dating gratuit pe Babel running efficiently to defend the tower after another.

The game features: ~~ Build an industrialized defense line ~~ Construct energy collectors in so you can build without restrictions; Materials, factories, and defenses all Dating gratuit pe Babel one go.

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Build resource collectors, collect various resources around the map, build factories to convert resources into the various required strategic materials, allocate routes rationally, and use those materials to build fortifications to resist against enemy attacks. Blast, which moves at extreme speed and cause large-scale destruction. Aviator, which bypasses city walls and sneak to the base core, and bosses with strong destructive and defensive powers.

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Spitfire, a tower that can obliterate short-ranged enemies. Missile Turret, launching long-range missles and bombing large group of enemy clusters.

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Laser Tower, shooting strong lasers that can pierce between enemies, and UAV Airport, long ranged ultimate weapon for firepower strikers. Find ways to effectively maximize your skills and share it with others.

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