Dating Site AB Heart


Action Points Note that this study was published as an abstract and presented at a conference. These data and conclusions should be considered to be preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Dating Site AB Heart

Explain that researchers have now found that blood type, particularly the ABO blood group is also related to the risk of stroke. Note that of the four blood types, AB was associated with the highest risk of stroke Dating Site AB Heart that the mechanism behind the conferred higher risk of stroke with various blood types is unknown.

Dating Site AB Heart is unsure of the mechanism behind the conferred Dating Site AB Heart risk of stroke with various blood types.

Dating Site AB Heart

However, previous genetic studies have shown that blood types AB and B are associated with cardiovascular risk factors, such as endothelial dysfunction leading to coronary heart disease.

Other studies have shown an association between type A and increased LDL cholesterol levels and type B with increased cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.

But no studies have shown blood type to be associated with stroke risk, Qi told MedPage Today.

Dating Site AB Heart

For this study, researchers analyzed data from two prospective longitudinal cohorts with 26 and 20 years of follow-up. Information on ABO blood group was self-reported, but has been shown to have a high degree of external validity, Qi said.

Data were adjusted for age, smoking, body mass index BMIalcohol intake, physical activity, aspirin use, ethnicity, family history of coronary heart disease, history of hypertension and high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, menopausal status, and postmenopausal hormone use.

Dating Site AB Heart

In both cohorts, the number of participants was greatest in O, followed by A, B, and then AB, which is consistent with the overall population, Qi said. It looks like there is a decrease in risk," Qi said. Both of these results "surprised" researchers.

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  • Abstract METHODS Indolecarbinol I3Ca monomer component extracted from leaves and stems of cruciferous vegetables, has inhibitory effects on tumors, obesity, and liver fibrosis, but its effects on the development of cardiac remodeling remain completely unknown.

Qi said the increased risk for women could be due to the larger sample size compared with men or to chance. The decreased risk in men was also surprising because, in other studies, men with type B blood were associated with increased coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.

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In the combined multivariate analysis, the risk of ischemic stroke in group AB was greater than Dating Site AB Heart hemorrhagic stroke compared with group O RR 1. The study was limited by the population being mostly white, and it was underpowered to detect the associations with the subtypes of stroke such as hemorrhagic.

Dating Site AB Heart

Qi said the next step is to determine whether lifestyle factors impact the stroke risk conferred by blood type. The authors reported they had no conflicts of interest.

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Primary Source American Heart Association.