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Whatsapp A European Parliament delegation travels to Tunisia from 19 to 25 Dating site- ul Tunisia.

Dating site- ul Tunisia.

to observe the elections to the constituent assembly in Tunisia, as part of the EU's overall Election Observation Mission for this, the first of the Arab Spring elections. Gabriele Albertini EPP, IThead of the delegation, said: "Following an invitation from the Tunisian authorities, I am proud and pleased to be leading the European Parliament delegation Dating site- ul Tunisia. observe these historic elections in Tunisia, the country where the Arab Spring began and the Dating Site Color Persoana to hold democratic elections.

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The Tunisian people go to the polls on 23 October to elect the Constituent Assembly that will draw up the country's new constitution. We will be deployed all over the country, bringing our experience as elected parliamentarians to bear in observing how the process is conducted.

Dating site- ul Tunisia.

We hope that these elections will set an important precedent in the region. On election day, they will be present at polling stations.

Dating site- ul Tunisia.

Nine MEPs from the member delegation will be based in Tunis and the surrounding area and six will be deployed between 22 and 24 October in the electoral zones of Sidi Bou Zid, Gafsa and Sfax.

Background The European Parliament deploys election observation delegations, integrated in long-term Election Observation Missions, to about a dozen countries Dating site- ul Tunisia.

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the world each year. It is heavily involved in election observation globally, whether as part of the EU election observation missions, or as part of election observation missions in OSCE countries.

Dating site- ul Tunisia.

The European Parliament has endorsed the Declaration of Principles for international election observation and the Code of conduct for international election observers.